Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Empowering Benefits of Maintaining a Journal

I call this a 'WONDER BOOK', why? because it helps bring about wonderful things in your life

I started maintaining a journal back in high school and today it has become a cherished pastime. This one habit alone can bring about a tremendous improvement in the quality of your life. It is not only a friend you can share everything with but it is also a planner, an organizer, an idea storehouse, my vision board, my doodle pad, a recorder of all your EUREKA moments and so much more. 

So when do you normally write a journal?

Anytime, anyplace  and whenever you think something worth noting down has popped up in your head!

 (This is a window reflection of one of my empowering journal writing sessions on a recent flight from Bahrain to Mumbai)

 You have 60,000 thoughts in a day. Any one could be worth a million dollars in value. Take your journal wherever you go and note down your goals, dreams, beliefs, thoughts and everything else you possibly can during the day.

Let me share with you a few of the reasons I use my journal for.

·      Write down my daily five goals and weekly schedule – At the start of the week I sit down, and pull out my journal. Then I open six fresh, crisp new pages and start writing my five most important goals for each day of the week. I make sure the goals I write down are according to my highest priorities and get me closer to my dreams. Thus my journal become a map of success for me.

·      My Idea Storehouse -  As I said before, you have 60,000 thoughts during the day. Many of which are great ideas which can definitely improve the quality of your life. It is important you keep a record of all these wonderful ideas. Thus the first step to bringing these ideas to life is to write them down in your journal as soon as you think about them. Because of this habit I have a collection of journals filled with my greatest ideas that I can go back to when I want.

·      Take notes – I mentioned taking notes as an important habit, but it is important you organize all the notes you collect. Often you write notes on pieces of paper or the newspaper or any paper that you find and then throw it away later. To solve this problem keep a journal and let all your notes be in one empowering book for your life. You can also take notes of important conversations or talks you are part of here, or use it to note down a great book or movie that someone recommends to you.

·      Vision board – John Assaraf, the entrepreneur and speaker first introduced this concept to me in a video of his I had recently seen. On this board he put up all his plans, goals, visions and pictures for the future. The journal can be used for a similar purpose. Put down pictures and thoughts of all that you want to become in the future in this book and slowly work on them. Eventually if you put in the work they will come true just like they did for John Assaraf.

Jim Rohn said it better than I ever could with his statement on journals, “I am a buyer of blank books. Kids find it interesting that I would buy a blank book. They say, "Twenty-six dollars for a blank book! Why would you pay that?" The reason I pay twenty-six dollars is to challenge myself to find something worth twenty-six dollars to put in there. All my journals are private, but if you ever got a hold of one of them, you wouldn't have to look very far to discover it is worth more than twenty-six dollars.”

 A few famous names that you may be familiar with that maintained a journal or diary were  John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Rudi Dutschke, Max Frisch, André Gide, Cornelia Goethe, Joseph Goebbels, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Julien Green, Ernst Jünger, Franz Kafka, Victor Klemperer, Thomas Mann, Anaïs Nin, Hans Erich Nossack, Samuel Pepys, Sylvia Plath, Luise Rinser, Peter Rühmkorf, Leo Tolstoi, Anne Frank and Virginia Woolf. Quite the bunch to model right?...

John Lennon - The Beatles Legend wrote a journal! 

So did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous German philosopher and writer

Some further reading you could do on the subject 

So make it a habit to write a journal, it may be just for recording your daily thoughts, but it surely will be a treasure full of memories about your life for future generations to come and you never know there may just be one 'WONDER' thought somewhere in your journal that  may be worth a million dollars!

and remember always ....stay HAPPY and stay EMPOWERED!

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