Monday, April 29, 2013

Entrepreneurship and The Art of Modeling

I was 17 and I had started my journey into the world of public speaking and writing. Instead of immediately working on my dreams, I decided to model past successes and failures. I decide to observe and learn from the best and worst in my field. 

To become an author, I firstly developed the habit of reading. Then I started reading books in different genres. I then decided which genre I wanted to specialize in.  It was personal development and then I read three hundred books in this specific genre.
To become a youth empowerment speaker, I studied the world’s best professional communicators. I made a list of the world’s top hundred professional speakers. Then I saw YouTube videos making a note about what was unique about each speaker.
Could you apply the same concept to Entrepreneurship? Yes, if you want to start a technology company, why not study the world’s top hundred technology companies.

It is okay to be different

Recently, I was asked this question at a talk I had given at a local school, 'Why do you do this Abhishek? Why do you put in so much of an effort to connect with other young people and to show them they are special?'

This was my answer.....

As students we are not very different. We all want to be accepted for who we truly are. We all want to find that one special thing in each one of us. We all want to contribute towards some cause we are really passionate about.

It is just that we are all differently talented. One student may be good in academics, another in sports, another in entrepreneurship. What is important is that it is time people understood that every student is good at something.

And it will be extra-ordinary, if we can in some way show this student that you can take this one thing you are really good at and make it the focus point of your life. This is what the Empower One Billion Campaign is all about. That every student is special and unique in his or her own way. And you can use that uniqueness to change the world.

Then it is important you do not only tell people you like to do something, but you also train really hard at becoming really good at it. Then you put in the efforts to not only become best in your school, college or country. But you find a way to become best in the world at what you really like doing. This comes down to the 10,000 hour rule I mentioned in a previous blog post. Put in this time to become an artist at your craft.

When a student understands this, it empowers them in a way like no other. When I see a student come up to me and tell me that they want to go home and work on their dreams today. When I see students telling me that I made them believe they are extra-ordinary. I realize I will do this for the rest of my life even if I am constantly rejected and even if I get a thousand No's. 

Today I have spoken to over 3600 students across Mumbai and Bahrain. I realize that through this campaign if I am able to change even one student's life, I would have made a big difference. If even one student will go home and say, 'Yes, I am special. I can be extra-ordinary!' Then I think I am successful, not because I am very rich or because I am very famous but because I was able to change one person's life and that to me is something I will take to my grave... 

As Mother Teresa famously said, "Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person." 
Saturday, April 27, 2013

Haruki Murakami and the Dalai Lama - Daily Rituals

1) Haruki Murakami's Daily Ritual

Haruki Murakami in the above memoir, described his love for running everyday and how it has changed his life

Michael Phelps and the Power of Habits

Michael Phelps the American swimmer that won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics is another benefactor of the power of habits. 

Many do not know that his feats are a result of one of the most physically demanding training schedules for any athlete ever. He has made it a habit to swim 80,000 meters a week, which is about 50 miles. 

He trains twice a day, and swims for nearly 5 to 6 hours everyday, six days a week. He lifts weights thrice a week. He also has a 12,000 calorie diet that he has committed to. 

The Empower One Billion Youth Empowerment Campaign

Objective : To empower one billion young people to find the Greatness in their lives

The EmpowerOneBillion Campaign is a youth empowerment movement dedicated to showing young people how they can design and create great lives for themselves by taking personal responsibility for their lives and working on their dreams from a young age. 

It also aims to show them how they can impact the world by creating extraordinary careers in work fields they are passionate about. In the process the movement aims to show young people how they can contribute to the world just by doing work that matters and leaving the world a little better than they found it.

Empower One Billion Keynote at the Mumbai Public School

        Empower One Billion Keynote at the Al Mahd Day Boarding School, Bahrain

 Empower One Billion Keynote for 350+ students at the Asian School, Bahrain