Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Empower One Billion Youth Empowerment Campaign

Objective : To empower one billion young people to find the Greatness in their lives

The EmpowerOneBillion Campaign is a youth empowerment movement dedicated to showing young people how they can design and create great lives for themselves by taking personal responsibility for their lives and working on their dreams from a young age. 

It also aims to show them how they can impact the world by creating extraordinary careers in work fields they are passionate about. In the process the movement aims to show young people how they can contribute to the world just by doing work that matters and leaving the world a little better than they found it.

Empower One Billion Keynote at the Mumbai Public School

        Empower One Billion Keynote at the Al Mahd Day Boarding School, Bahrain

 Empower One Billion Keynote for 350+ students at the Asian School, Bahrain

We aim to empower 1 billion young people across the world in the next three years. We plan to do this with

1.     The ‘EmpowerOneBillion’ Keynote Session at youth organizations, school, universities, NGO’s.
2.     The ‘EmpowerOneBillion’ Social Media Movement where we will share with our members empowerment and inspiring content from our sessions and from various resources on a daily basis which include videos, articles, blog posts, links, quotes, pictures. We will be using the following mediums for this namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube, Pinterest.

Abhishek through this Empowerment Initiative has made it his life mission to help every person (especially young people), whose life he touches to find the greatness they always had within. He believes that we all have the power to leave this world a little better than we found it. We can do this by helping each other, believing in each other, empowering each other and most importantly bringing out the best in each other. 

This movement aims to be your friend and your guide. It aims to be that invisible person who brought a smile on your face today and made you believe in your potential to make a difference. It aims to show you that no matter who you are and what background you come from, you have a role to play in leaving this world better than you found it. All the movement asks for in return is that you continue this chain of empowerment. You take what you learn from here and spread the message, scream it out loud go up to every person in your neighborhood, school, office or family and tell them looking into their eyes ‘You Are Special, You Are Unique, You Are Great.

That way you can create a Team of CHAMPIONS and not just one champion. This is the ultimate objective of ‘EmpowerOneBillion’ movement, to create a Global Team of Champions; and this is because we believe that finding the greatness in yourself is all about finding the greatness in the people around you. 

Today, Abhishek continues speaking, writing and spreading his message of ‘Collective Greatness and Empowerment’ at various schools, universities and professional institutions. He knows that if through his message he is able to change even one person’s life, he would have left this world a little better than he found it. That person in turn can help change another person’s life and the chain will go on. Someday, he is hopeful his message will reach one billion hearts who in turn will continue the chain and work towards creating a world full of empowered people living empowered lives of greatness. 

'It is time the world found out every student is special...every student is unique....and every student is meant for Greatness....'

Join the movement at

Twitter - AbhishekShetty_ ( tweet with #EmpowerOneBillion )

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