Thursday, December 6, 2012

Academic Excellence - Post 1 The Academic Excellence Journey and The Power of Strong Beliefs

When you believe magical things can happen... magical things will happen in your life.

A book I have been working on for the past few months has finally been confirmed by the publisher. The book is titled 'Academic Excellence...The Start of The Learning Revolution'. It will be hitting bookstores across India in  January 2013 and I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to work on this project. But this was no easy task. Writing a book may look easy on the outside, but it really is something that takes a lot out of you. I really did enjoy the whole journey but there were plenty of hard times. In short it is an experience that best illustrates the power of a strong belief system.

Academic Excellence is a book about a personal experience I went through as a student in high school. An experience that showed me a different side of myself. It completely changed my perspective on life. It is the story of how I moved from being a below average student to becoming a great student. What I learned during this journey is what the book 'Academic Excellence...The Start of the Learning Revolution' is all about. I promise you a book that not only shows you why every student is special but also provides you with a  set of tips, techniques and strategies that are applied by the best students at school, university. By applying the same in your life you too can achieve the same extra-ordinary results.

So after my twelfth grade  final exams I had some time off. I then decided I would use this time to work on a special project. So I designed a seminar titled You Are A Topper... The Start of the Learning Revolution to share with my fellow students what I learned from the best students' on how to one must approach their academic life.

There were lots of people around me who questioned what i did. I was often told I was wasting my time. But I believed that this project was special and could really help many students do better. So I kept working and finally organized the seminar for about 60 students from various schools in Bahrain.

I then came to India and conducted a couple of more sessions here. I taught I had to find some way, to get these ideas out to more students'. So I sat down one day and started converting my power point presentation into a manuscript. I really had no intention to write a full fledged book. But then I got so engrossed in the subject of Student Excellence that I began doing some extra research on it. What I found was fascinating and I really wanted more students to have the same information I was lucky enough to get. So this is when the thought of an actual book popped up in my head.

While writing my manuscript I was again told I wasting my time. You are so young who will accept it. I was once told, 'Stop wasting your time Abhishek and go do something productive.' But I believed and kept writing.

Soon the manuscript was ready and I started approaching publishers but one publisher after another kept rejecting me. I was told there was no market for my book. The quality of my writing was poor among many  more such remarks. It was really hard on me as a young student who had invested all his time on this project.It was very frustrating and I almost gave up here. But something within told me to hang on for  just a little more time. I did, I believed again and kept approaching publishers.  I was finally accepted and today a couple of months later my book 'Academic Excellence...The Start of The Learning Revolution' is a reality. 

My belief that I was working on something bigger than myself and my needs had pulled me through. The feeling you get when you accomplish a task that is so close to your heart is amazing. It is completely worth the effort you put in and is almost like an out of this world experience

That is why you must believe in yourself, because only when you believe in yourself will the world believe in you.

As Carl Sagan an American Astronomer wonderfully put it, "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." ...Just Believe that life has great things planned for you and who knows magical things may just happen in your life...

 Our First You Are A Topper Seminar at the Arab Asian Business Hall, Salmaniya, Bahrain

 You Are A Topper in the papers ( Bahrain Gulf Daily Newspaper)

 Our Second You Are A Topper Seminar at the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir School, Dharavi, Mumbai

And finally the first look of our new book 'Academic Excellence...The Start of the Learning Revolution'

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