Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Art of Educating Yourself

I write this post on morning of 15th August, 2013. It is India's 67th Independence Day. Sixty-Seven Years ago, India's First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced a 'Tryst with Destiny' for the Indian Nation. He dreamed of a country with free and independent Indians. Let us work together to make this great dream come true.

Independence is also often seen as self governance of a nation. Our nation got independence but isn't it time we self govern our lives now. Isn't it time we shift the responsibility of designing our lives from the governments and institutions to YOU the individual. Today let us explore one aspect of this discussion...Education...

Growing up a young boy, I always taught school was the only way I could educate myself. But when I started college I realized otherwise. Life is your greatest teacher. Every second of you life is an opportunity to learn something new.
So is it possible to educate yourself in your field, outside school? ...Yes it is! Here are a way variety of ways you can do so. 

 1. Read - Books. Blogs. Magazines. Newspapers. Newspaper and Magazine Archives available online. Social Media Pages and Profiles.  

2. Watch - Video Interviews of renowned people in your field. Award Winning movies and documentaries from around the world. TED Talks. School and University Lectures Online ( Khan Academy and Coursera)

3. Listen - To Audio Programs in your field. To national Radio Broadcasts. To recorded speeches. To great music.

4. Attend - Workshops. Seminars. Panel Discussions. Book Launches. Product Launches. Cultural Festivals.

 5. Meet - People in your field of interest or work. People who have achieved a lot in the arts, sciences and humanities.  People who have written books, started companies, traveled the world and had life changing experiences.    

6. Join - Local Library. Enthusiast Society (film club, nature lover's club, P.G Wodehouse society), national and international organizations that hep promote and develop your interests (Toastmasters International if you are an aspiring public speaker)

There are innumerable ways you can educate yourself outside your school or office. Do add to this post by suggesting innovative ways you educate yourself. It is time we took personal responsibility to design the life of our dreams.

 As Jim Rohn once said, "Formal Education will make you a living, Self-Education will make you a fortune."

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