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Gary Vaynerchuck - Social Media, Giving Back and Your Personal Brand

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Gary Vaynerchuck is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is also a world renowned video blogger on the subject of wines and owns a social media brand consultancy business.  

Gary understands that social media channels are just platforms. He has found a way to use these platforms to bring extreme value to people in his niche market. He took personal responsibility to become a world expert on his subject and actually did so.

 His family immigrated to the US from Belarus in 1978 and he has lived there ever since. His family business was a liquor store. He transformed his family liquor store into a multi million dollar wine retail store called Wine Library.

 In 2006 he started a video blog called Wine Library TV, which was a daily podcast on wine, that soon became the go – to resource for wine lovers all over the country. Based on a study of his keynotes and videos, here are some great pieces of advice Gary has to offer students and entrepreneurs alike

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1.  Bring Extreme Value to Consumers –  After college he wanted to transform his family liquor store. So he decided to bring extreme value to the consumers. He went on the microblogging site Twitter and started searching for all the posts related to Wine. This included wine names, wine accompaniments etc. He then joined the conversation by replying to these tweets and adding value to these conversations. He created Wine Library TV, a video channel online, and put up over 1000 videos related to wine on it, free of cost. He would commit some time everyday to create this content.  It took him three or four years to create the following he got. 

     But he put in his ground work and brought extreme value to the consumer before that. Educational Institutes should not just train students for jobs. They must learn from Gary Vaynerchuck’s example and teach students to bring extreme value to people in fields of their choice.

2.  Love the ClimbFor Gary, the persistence during the climb is what really defines an individual. No matter how many times you fail, you must persist and keep trying and continue bringing value to people’s lives. It took him three – four years to develop his business and to constantly create content and build his community online. But he turned up everyday with discipline and thorough research on his subject. He found a way to contribute everyday in those four years no matter what his personal situation.

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3.  Know your Voice – Then Pound It– Gary has several social networking profiles. But he understands that the audience in each platform has a different psychology and expects different things. He has a different approach on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and his other social media channels. What Gary has understand himself, his company and his industry very well. He sells wine but he also became an expert on wine. He has found his voice and now uses the audience on social media platforms to get his voice out to the world. By 2010, there were over 1 billion users of social media platforms around the world. This will constantly grow. If you can build trust with even 10% of that audience, you have your tribe and market.

4.  Never take the First Dollar when there is a 20 Dollar Bill up Ahead – In building relationships with people and clients, many go in and make a sale in the first conversation. They have built no trust with the other individual but yet expect the other individual to serve them without giving anything back in return. At the start of a relationship with another person, you must constantly give back to other person. Do this without expecting anything in return. Soon you will build trust and the other individual will want to support you with your vision. As young people, many of us expect colleges, companies to give us jobs and huge pay packages just based on our educational qualifications. But this is the wrong approach. We must first find a way, to use our educational qualifications to start a projects that will bring value to the client or company. Gary built his social community and created massive content related to wine online through Videos, Blog Posts, and Tweets. You can do it your way.

5.  Become an Expert on your industry – Gary spent several years working at his father’s retail wine store. He spoke to customers here and understood as much as possible about wine. One day, a customer came in and made an order for several cases of wine. Gary was surprised and asked him why he did so. The customer answered that he collected wine. This surprised Gary and that was when he decided he was going to become the Wine Guy of the World. As he puts it in the vision he had for himself, which was to to become the Bill Gates or Michael Jordan of the Wine World.

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