Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Silicon Valley learns?

I was curious. What is learning like in one of the most prominent technological hubs in the world. John Taylor Gatto and some extra research led me to some answers

The wild world of Silicon Valley mavericks and their outriggers is a hint of a dynamic America to come where responsibility, trust, and great expectations are once again given to the young as they were in Ben Franklin’s day. That is how we will break out of the school trap. Ask yourself where and how these Silicon kids really learned what they know. The answer isn’t found in memorizing a script.” – John Taylor Gatto

At Silicon Valley, learning happens in a very different way. Some of the points of differentiation are:-

1)  Students learn to start real life projects that add value to life. They are evaluated by the number of projects they start and not the grades or certificates they get.

2) People are comfortable with failure in Silicon Valley and very often the more you fail there, the more you increase your chances of success.

3) The cult of individual effort is found all over Silicon Valley, standing in sharp contrast to leadership practices based on high SAT scores, elite college degrees, and sponsorship by prominent patrons.” John Taylor Gatto

4)  “The Valley judges people on their tangible contributions rather than on sex, seniority, old-school ties, club memberships, or family” – John Taylor Gatto

5)   The learning environment is entrepreneurial and allows you to explore, experiment, fail and try again. Then I started thinking that it would not be so hard to create such an environment on an individual level. What was stopping me?

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