Thursday, June 26, 2014

We are all Different. We are all Beautiful

So different. So Beautiful. No two things are ever the same. Humans, Leaves, Art, Music. There is no competition. Only you expressing your original self truthfully.

Was reading Syd Field's, 'ScreenWriter's Wokbook and came across this beautiful quote that the french film maker Jean Renoir shared with Syd Field.

"Renoir told us the great Impressionistic painter once said, "your imagination will only supply you with a few leaves; but Nature offers you millions, all on the same tree. No two leaves are exactly the same. The artist who paints only what is in his mind must very soon repeat himself." If you look at Renoir's great paintings, you'll see what he meant. No two leaves, no two flowers, no two people are ever painted in the same way."

A picture I clicked recently of two flowers on a tree made me reflect on and understand this point even better. Here is the picture

So different. Yet so beautiful.

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