Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Teacher,

I am a student,
One Among 500 Million in this country.
I want to be heard,
Will you listen to me?

The world is so big,
The world is so confusing,
I need a friend,
I need a guide,
I am scared,
Will you help me?

A gift worth all the riches in the world,
That only you can give me,
You may ask,
What is this wonderful gift?

I want... I want...
I want to read all night and then get up the next day and read again,
I want to have a passionate conversation with another human being, not another machine,
I want to create something of value with my gift, with my passion.

I don't want... I don't want...
I don't want to stand first in class all the time,
I don't want to always compete with my friends,
I don't want to get a high paying job that I have no interest in

This is why I need your help?

(Teacher to Student)
Help? Gift? What are you talking about?
Can you teach me how to learn?
Rather why Learning is Beautiful!

With this tool, I will start a journey.
To explore the world and all the riches within it.
To explore my identity. My place in the world.
Who Am I? What do I love doing
How can I add value?
What is my truth?

Then Life will become my school,
Every individual I meet will become a teacher,
Every experience I have will become a learning experience,
Every thing around me, will become a learning tool.

(Teacher to Student)
Student, Oh Student! I understand,
But how do I do that in the classroom,
Exams, tests, portions, events
There is no time,
How can I make Learning Beautiful for you.

You can help me ma'am. There is always time.
For what is an educational institute,
Where there is no time,
To teach a student how to learn,
You can help me ma'am

How? How? How? Asked the teacher

Through the subject you teach me.
Teach why this Subject is Beautiful.
Teach me how I can explore and make sense of the world with it,
Teach me how I can apply this knowledge in the real world,
Teach me how it is aligned with my passion and interests.

I promise you, I will go where you take me ma'am,
When I know you care,
When I know you love,
When I know it comes from your heart.

I am a student,
Not a machine, a human being,
I am not a grade on a report card,
I am not raw material for a business,
I am not an educational experiment,
I am not a failed government policy,

I am a student,
Not a machine, a human being,
I am tired,
I cannot fight anymore,
I really am,

All I want to do is learn,
Will you help me learn?

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