Friday, October 3, 2014

Learning from Videos 1 - Walking, Writing and Acting

1) Hindol Sengupta - The Entrepreneurial Citizen - Question Everything. Change Your Ecosystem. Contribute to shift from measured democracy experienced democracy. You can be an entrepreneur too. In Hindol's words, 'I am going to speak about the idea of the citizen who begins to look at himself as an entrepreneur - which means that citizens realizes that he is no longer a by product of the mercy or angst of the state but is a by product of his own enterprise' Watch the talk here.


2) Nate Damm - Walking Across America - Walking helps you slow down. You get to spend time with yourself. Observe Life Fully. And find a space within yourself that you can always turn to in times of crisis or joy. Watch the talk here.


3) Kamal HassanAsk me questions because that is always how I have learned. You do not have to compromise on your values, you still can make money. Choose the bank (career) you want to swim towards (your work). We need more leaders, we need to define the laws for our own life, and let the external laws come in after that. Honesty is a virtue that many can't afford, so  eke out money to design a life of your own highest values. The man with the money thinks he does not need to educate himself for his trade, but it will even eventually catch up with him. Watch the talk here.

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