Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mega Learning Experiment – Part 3 – Book Launch, Film Festival

I walk out of the Arbour, which was the name of the Workshop Venue at the festival. I then decide to spend the rest of the evening watching movies at the Mumbai International Film Festival. I had to walk from Kalagoda to the NCPA which was about one-two kilometers away.

When you stumble upon a book launch

On the way, I pass by Oxford Bookstore in Churchgate, Mumbai. Then I remember that I had received an email a week ago, informing me about a book launch of a book on Bollywood by Mrs Rosie Thomas. The guests were the Indian film maker Mahesh Bhatt and the author whose workshop I had just attended, Mr Jerry Pinto. So I walk in and spend the next two hours  listening to a history of cinema in the city of Mumbai.

An Evening of Films

By 7 pm, I leave the bookshop and go to the NCPA where I register myself for the Mumbai International Film Festival. I then spend the rest of the evening watching two films at the festival.

The first film was titled Satyagraha: Truth Force and it was the story of a four month long fast undertaken by Swami Nigamananda at Haridwar in 2011. The fast was taken up to raise awareness about Pollution caused on the river Ganga by illegal mining along the riverbed. The second film was titled MNF: The Mizo Uprising which was about a two decade long insurgency in the Indian state of Mizoram.

After a whole day of learning, I finally head to the station by 10 pm and catch a train back home. I had to come back to Kala Goda for another exciting day of learning the next day too. Life was good!

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