Friday, November 7, 2014

Pre Primary School - The Extra-ordinary Genius of Little Children

Till the age of six or seven, I remember school being lots of fun. In school, there was lots of play, experiential learning and activities. Everyone participated in the classroom and we were all intelligent and got stars for our work. I also got to spend lots of time with my family. I was definitely learning a lot in this environment. Why was learning so much fun at the pre - primary level?
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I was having a conversation with a self-directed learner in India recently. It was a four-hour conversation and because the both of us were so passionate about learning, we could have gone on for four more hours. The conversation then shifted to how little children were such natural geniuses.
In the first five – six years of their life, kids learn some extra-ordinary skills from scratch without any direct outside influence (school or government).

·   They learn how to speak a new language and to communicate their needs through words and body language.
·   They understand how to work with people around them and how people around them behave in different situations.
·   They also develop an intuitive understanding of how people like to be treated in different situations.
For example, imagine getting into an accident and losing your ability to walk. Now imagine having to re-learn how to walk again from scratch. Just thinking about the effort it will take to make that happen in tiring. It is like learning Chinese or Sanskrit from scratch at the age of 35.

What is even more amazing is that even with all of the learning kids do; they always manage to take out time to play and are always full of life and positive energy.

Isn’t that extra-ordinary intelligence? Isn’t that a genius in the making.

I strongly believe that the people that are able to sustain their childlike curiosity and natural intelligence into their early teens and adult years are the ones that turn out to be most creative and imaginative in their individual careers.

They often choose a field they are highly passionate about and find a way to impact people in that particular field in a child like almost genius manner.

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