Monday, November 10, 2014

Questions Students' Ask?

What do students think about? I was curious.  

So when I got a chance to interact with students at schools and colleges through the Empower One Billion Campaign, I decided to ask students what was on their mind? What were the important life questions they had in their mind. Some of these discussions led to some very interesting conversations. Here is a list of a few questions they thought about:-
1.  What is life?
2.  Why do we go to school?
3.  What is our purpose?

One student at a school in Mumbai shared with me, how school work failed to challenge him. So he would spend most of his time disturbing the class after he was done with his work. He wanted to work on projects beyond his schoolwork, but for some reason never found the time to do so. This was a problem. I faced it too. We tried to figure out a solution.

A solution to the problem

We thought up one solution to this problem, to use the extra time he had to start work on a project he was really passionate about. You could start coding, painting, writing, music and more.

Finish your school or university portions as soon as possible and then use the remaining free time you have to work on a life project that is really close to your heart.

The Lucky Students

Sometimes students are very fortunate, because the course they are doing at college is their highest passion. So they can use the college time and the additional time they have after college, to work on this passion of theirs. Do not just take in knowledge but find a way to apply this information in real life. Facebook and Google, two of the most successful companies in the world today were created at college campuses.

How I applied the above approach in my life? 
This was the approach I took in my first year at college. I would try finishing studying my college portions as soon as possible so that I could work on some of my life projects like
1.  A book
2.  Youth Empowerment Campaign
3.  Create Videos
4.  Create Audio Programs
5.  Create Blog posts and articles

These days, college is really fun. I have decide to take learning more seriously now. So after college, I tell myself to have the craziest learning evenings ever. I read books, watch videos, listen to audio programs among other things. It is suddenly so much fun. There is suddenly so much time. Learning is suddenly so much more beautiful!

Let us learn together
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