Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Lifeschool? - Connect with the Mavens of your Field

Who was Robert Dunbar?

Robert Dunbar, the British anthropologist declared that most people have about 150 people in their immediate networks. It is very hard to manage a network larger than that. This number came to known as the Dunbar’s Number.

Most people have the people in their workplace, schools, neighbourhood, state and country in their network. Mavens are the people who are well connected with the people in their industry or with the top people in various industries. Malcolm Gladwell spoke about the Maven Concept in his book, ‘Tipping Point’. The people on the Maven’s 150 List are very influential and have their own network of 150 more influential people. This starts a chain reaction of sorts

In my second book, ‘101 Habits to Greatness’, I spoke about the concept of ‘Networking Like a Millionaire. The people that are well networked get the benefit of individual Maven networks of several top people in various industries. As you become more influential in your field, you know where to go and who to contact for different things. You know how to fasten the whole process of getting things done.

The Mark Zuckerberg & Justin Bieber Maven Story

Justin Bieber, the teen singing sensation got in touch with a Maven at the start of his career. He and his manager Scooter Braun got a chance to sing in front of Usher, the popular R&B Singer. Usher was well connected in the music industry and knew the right people. When he saw the talent Justin had, he took him on board and connected him to the right people and this helped Justin and his manager to pass by many of the hassles they would have had to go through doing it alone.

Similarly Mark Zuckerberg, moved to Silicon Valley after his social networking website, ‘Facebook’ went live. Here he got in touch with Sean Parker who was the creator of Napster and had a just created a successful company in Silicon Valley and knew the right people to get Mark in touch with. Sean Parker was made the first President of Facebook and connected Mark to the right group of investors, and business partners.

So use the Maven concept in your life. Get connected to the right people in your field or industry. Better yet, become a Maven yourself! Because they know the right people, it is easier for them to take projects through and th

Ways to find like minded people
1)  Join Facebook Groups, Google Circles, Yahoo Groups of people that are interested in the same things that you are interested in.
2)  Attend talks by experts in your field.
3)  Read blogs in your subject
4)  Watch videos of top people in your field and see the comments section for people that are interested in the same things that you are interested in.
5)  Contribute to Online Forums.

The Mavens know what is important in the field. They have carved a path out for themselves. They will help you avoid many mistake and fasten your learning curve.

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