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How to Lifeschool? - Writing

Write in the language you dream in

At the Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 the renowned Bengali writer Mahasweta Devi made the following comment in her opening speech, “Write in the language you dream in.”

Jyoti Guptara and Suresh Guptara are twins based out of Switzerland. They were fascinated by the world of fantasy. At the age of 11, they finished the first draft of their novel, ‘Conspiracy of Calaspia’. By age 15, Jyoti was published in the Wall Street Journal. By age 17, the book became a best seller. They loved fantasy and were fascinated by this world. So they wrote in the language they dreamed in.

We all are fascinated by something why not write about it. We all dream about something why not write about it.

Why Write?

It will help you in communication, business and getting your story out to the world. The personal experiences each one of us has, is our unique story. There are lots of lessons you learned from the life you lived. The very same lessons can help other people as well. The things that fascinate you may fascinate other people as well. So write, about the things you are fascinated by and write about your life experiences.

What to write about?

Write about thing you are passionate about Write about things you constantly think about. Write about subjects you are emotionally connected to. But most importantly just start writing. 

My first book was about my experiences as a student in the education system. It was about how I navigated through the education system, to find my own unique way to educate myself and achieve Academic Excellence. I was just sharing my story and my views on education about how I went from being a really bad student to falling in love with the process of learning and becoming better.

Write about experiences unique to you

The student experience was something unique to me. I strongly believed that only a student could describe how his or her colleagues could do better based on the student’s own personal experience sitting in the classroom for years.

Writing my first book about the student experience at school because I was still a student when I wrote the book and not a parent or counselor. I had to retain my student perspective and think about the situation from the eyes of a student. I could see through the eyes of a student because I was a student myself.

This was what I decided to write about.

What about the research process for the book you wrote?

Most of my research was based on the twelve to thirteen years of time I spent in classrooms growing up. I wrote about the educational experience after actually being part of it and experiencing it in real life.

Many of us come from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. Some of us grow up in a middle class family. Some of us grow up among artists. Some of us grow up among mountain climbers. These are all experiences the world will like to read about. The life you have lived up to now is a good starting idea for your next novel or non-fiction book.

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