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Tagore and Shantiniketan Education – Part 2 - Students from Shantiniketan

1.  Satyajit RaySatyajit Ray is an Indian Filmaker and winner of over 32 national Film awards and an Academy award. Satyajit Ray went to Shantiniketan after completing his BA in Economics from the Presidency College, Calcutta. He was very influence by the artist Benode Behari Mukherjee that he met at Shantiniketan and even made a documentary movie on him titled the Inner Eye. He also came to appreciate oriental art at Shantiniketan. His time there is described as such:- “ During this period, he discovered the oriental art- Indian sculpture and miniature painting, Japanese woodcuts and Chinese landscapes... Till then, his exposure to art had been limited to only the western masters. He also undertook a long tour of places of artistic interests in India along with three friends. For the first time, he had begun to appreciate qualities of Indian art. The tour drew his attention to use of small details in Indian art to signify a bigger meaning. A quality that his films would later demonstrate.” www.satyajitray.org  (http://www.satyajitray.org/bio/at_shantiniketan.htm). The other students were...

2.  Amartya Sen – Born in Shantiniketan, Amartya Sen is an Indian economist and nobel laureate. Amartya Sen began his highschool education at St. Gregory’s School in Dhaka but came to India after partition and finished his schooling at Visva Bharati University School in Shantiniketan.

3.  Abdul Ghani Khan – He is considered one of the best Pashto language poets of the twentieth century. Hestudied at the art academy at Shantiniketan and developed an interest of painting and sculpture here.

4.  Benode Behari Mukherjee – He was a painter and muralist. He was one of the pioneers of Indian modern art. First person in India to take up the mural as a means of artistic expression. His work displayed a deep understanding of environmental and architectural nuances.

5.  Sudhi Ranjan Das  He was the fifth chief justice of India, serving from December 1st 1955 to January 30th, 1959. He was also chairman of the Statesman, which was one of the leading English newspapers in Kolkata. He was one of the first four pupils of Rabindranath Tagore

6.  Indira Gandhi – Indira Gandhi was the third Prime Minister of India and a central figure of the Indian National Congress Party. She studied for a year at the Visva Bharati University in Shantiniketan in 1935

7.  Kanika Banerjee – She was an Indian Rabindra Sangeet Singer. She took lessons from Rabindranath Tagore himself. She participated in dance dramas written by Tagore and toured all over the country as a member of his cultural troupe. She had over 300 Gramophone discs to her credit and was a regular artiste of the Calcutta Station of All India Radio.

8.  Ramkinkar Baij – He was an Indian sculptor and painter and a pioneer of modern Indian sculpture. Most of his scultures are inspired by rural communities of people living in and around his place of work in Shantiniketan

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