Sunday, December 13, 2015

Solitude, Boats and Boredom

Third Day in Palolem. Expect my friends from Hyderabad, later in the afternoon. Eight - nine hours of sleep sure fills you up with energy. Ah! Sleep. Is there a more noble endeavor. You close your eyes, lie down on your back, and dream beautiful dreams. Scary ones too. But mostly beautiful. It is 8 am. I don't know what to do. So I read. That is how I plan to escape boredom. By reading my way into a better world. Sometimes you feel like, every book has been written just for you. Like the characters in the book are talking to you. 

In person. I feel like sometimes nobody wants to talk to you. You may expose too much of yourself. You must be strong. You would chat comfortably for an hour or two on the internet. But in person, even fifteen minutes seems intimidating. My room is so messed up. The loo broken. Insects all over. Holes in the floor. It seems like the shack may come down any moment. I buy some oranges and wait for my friends at the bus stop. I offer another soul, standing at the bus stop, one of my two oranges. I am such a nice person. I sacrificed one half of my breakfast for a complete stranger. We find shacks for them. My landlord plans to charge them double the amount he charged me. 

We bring it down to Rs 300 per night. The trick is to never give in. Sometimes, you have to just walk away and act like you are not interested. But don't walk too far away. Walk away really slowly. If the person you are bargaining with calls you back, go and buy it for whatever amount he offers you. It is much lower than before. If he doesn't call you back, you turn back and tell him this, 'Okay Bhaiya, Aaakri Bhar, Kitne Mein Dogey?' Hopefully he will consider your plight and reduce the price.

They rent a beach chair and take an afternoon dip in the ocean, we catch up on good old times. At Palolem, you can hire a paddle boat and that is exactly what we planned to do. We get some basic training and then are off on our boats into the wide blue ocean. We stick together for a while and then go off on our separate ways. The waves are not that strong and we are thought a technique to paddle over it. 

Wouldn't it be fun, to just swim out into the ocean and never come back? Nobody would even know where I have gone. Nobody would even care. Everyone was too busy anyways. But then my friend calls out to me, and interrupts my escape plan from the world. 

The sun setting in the distance makes the landscape in front of us, even more beautiful. But all good things come to an end. I was a little sea sick to. Maybe good things come to an end, because you get sick of good things too. Such a pain to paddle back. When you climb a peak, you also have to reserve some energy to climb back down. Why didn't I think about this when I started paddling out into the ocean. Urghh. After fifteen minutes of paddling, we reach the shore. Unfortunately, the paddle company's base is at the other end of the beach. The boat seemed really light on water. But it seemed like it weighed a ton, on the beach. We have to pull it for a good three hundred metres. 

Then our paddling adventure came to an end. We have pizza that night, and shop a little bit around Palolem. It is nice to have people around. Nice to not be alone. Then I wonder why we long for company? Why do we like being around people? Sometimes, when I am around people for too long, I long for solitude. Urghhh. Why the conflict? Why can't you just be fucking normal? I remember meeting a couple in Mumbai that have been married for 60 years. Wow, I wonder, what is must be like, to be with somebody for so long. Do you love each other more as time progresses? Do you stay together simply because staying alone seems  painful?  It is nice to fall in love. But I am sure nobody falls in love, while thinking about staying together for the next sixty years of their life. Don't people get bored of each other? Ever?


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