Sunday, May 19, 2013

Book Synopsis and First Look

101 Habits to Greatness

Small Steps to Everyday Change

By Abhishek Shetty

Hey friends, I have some great news, I am launching my second book titled '101 Habits to Greatness' this week. Here is the first look and synopsis of the book.

About the Book

101 Habits to Greatness’ has been released as part of the Empower One Billion Campaign. Like the campaign it has one objective, to empower one billion people to find the Greatness they always had within them.

‘What do successful people do differently?’

The book is an attempt to answer this vital life question. After studying the lives of several successful people, reading books on them and meeting them personally, something struck me. I noticed patterns that were constantly repeating themselves in the lives of these successful people. There were certain things that they did differently and regularly. One among these many was that they utilized the 'Power of Good Daily Habits.'

The quality of your life is most often determined by the quality of your habits. This book consists of such a collection of 101 empowering habits that many of the successful people around the world commit too.

It has changed their lives and it can change yours too. We were all born special and unique. We all have Greatness deep within us. It is just time the world found out. If you pick up this book and it has an impact on your life, this book has achieved its mission. Because to find the Greatness of your life, you do not have to change the world, you just have to leave one person’s life better than you found it. You are that one person and I need your help to leave this planet better than I found it…

About the Author

Abhishek Shetty is a global youth empowerment speaker, published author and founder of the Empower One Billion Youth Empowerment Campaign. He is a young lad on a mission, to leave this world better than he found it, by changing one life at a time.


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