Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Do it for the pure joy of doing it


101 Habits to Greatness - Habit 78

"We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop." –Rumi

You are infinite, you are brilliant and you are beautiful, just the way you are. You were meant for Greatness and you do not have to prove anything to anybody. What if the people around Einstein told him, that he must become only Shakespeare? What would the world have lost then? We are all special in our own ways. So you never have to convince anybody about your worth or what you are really passionate about. The only person you have to convince is ‘YOU’. When you believe in your dreams, the world will believe in it too. Never do it for the money, fame or status you get out of it, do it for the pure joy of doing it and you will see the results you really want in your life magically appear before you.

Recently I saw an interview on a television channel of Lionel Messi. He is a football player and plays as a striker for Team Argentina and the Spanish Barcelona Football Club.  He is considered by many as one the greatest footballers alive. The interviewer asked Messi, “How are you so good at what you do? When you started playing football did you know you would achieve so much in the game?”. To this Lionel Messi replied, “I am very grateful for the love I have got. But whenever I played football, I never did it for the fame or celebrity status it brought me. I played it simply to have fun. I wanted to play it all day and score more goals and win more matches.”

This answer of Lionel Messi showed me why it is so important, you enjoy what you are doing. When you do something you really like, it will never seem like work at all. It will be like you are at play all day. If you are fortunate enough to get into such a situation, you will see that it is when you work on your passion that you are most confident. You feel uncomfortable when you do not do what you were born to do. The idle time you have away from the work of your life will seem like work to you now.

Thomas Edison loved what he did. He wanted to spend all his time inventing things. He often worked for 72 hours straight. It is said there were many nights ,when he slept for only three- four hours. This is what he said about doing what he loved best,

Today Edison is the fourth most prolific inventor in history holding 1,093 US patents to his name. Both Thomas Edison and Lionel Messi understood the power of doing something for the pure joy of doing it. You can do so too and find the Greatness in your life today.

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