Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do not convince people. Let them recognize your Brilliance

"We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop." –Rumi

You are infinite, you are brilliant and you are beautiful, just the way you are:)You were meant for Greatness and you do not have to prove anything to anybody.

 What if the people around Einstein told him, that he must become only Shakespeare? What would the world have lost then? We are all special in our own ways. 

So you never have to convince anybody about your worth or what you are really passionate about. The only person you have to convince is ‘YOU’. When you believe in your dreams, the world will believe in it too.

You do not have to reveal everything about your life to people. There are certain things that are best kept a mystery to the people around you. When something you have been working on for a long time is accomplished, let people be surprised and amazed by what you have done. This is much better than them expecting something you have been talking about for the past few months.  

When I first wanted to go out and conduct my youth empowerment seminars, people never understood what I was trying to do. I made the mistake of trying to convince everyone I knew that I really wanted to do this. I was wasting valuable time. Remember that time can never be brought back even with all the money in the world.

 The Poster...

Then I realized I do not need to convince people anymore. I just have to go out and get this done. So I started approaching school, colleges and youth organizations regarding organizing the seminar for their students. The response was not very nice from most of these places. I decided I was not going to let this stop me. I will go on with this seminar. I am not fighting only for my self. I know the information I share in this seminar can completely transform a student’s life if applied effectively. I went on and decided to hire a hall for a self organized event. I took out some of the money I saved  over the past year and paid for the hall. I printed out my first poster.

 I then went to an academic center to invite the students for the session. I knocked on the door and a representative of the center opened the door. I said, ‘Ma’am would you be interested…’ and before I could even complete my sentence the representative banged the door on my face. I had two friends standing next to me when that happened and it felt really bad. I said this is all right, let us go to the next door. We got several more rejections. I told them we are not going to quit. We went on with the seminar. Fifty students attended the event from over six different schools in Bahrain. A reporter from the local paper had come to cover the event. The next day there was a front page report of the seminar with details about the event and the participants learning experience in it.

When this happened all the people that told me they did not understand what I was doing, came back and congratulated me for successfully doing this amazing event. They said they were surprised.

I was not surprised. I knew this was going to happen from day one. I just did not know how and that is why at the start I needed their validation to confirm if what I was doing was all right.

This was the wrong approach because every time I went up to another person and he or she told me what I was doing would never be successful, I was losing out on a little bit of the spark that got me started on that project in the first place. The problem was that many of the people I was trying to convince did not believe in the magic of risking everything for a dream only you believe in.

When I stopped convincing people and started working on my dream to conduct that first seminar. I felt liberated. I felt so powerful in that moment because I was not scared anymore. I broke all the chains that connected me to my comfort zone. I went out and just did what I had to do.

Eventually when you actually pull off the event, project, book, song or anything you are passionate about, people will look at you amazed and ask you, ‘You are so brilliant at ___________How do you do all of that?’

Your time has come because now they have recognized your brilliance and you do not have to convince them anymore...

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