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Why the World Loves Shah Rukh Khan?

Born on 2nd November, 1965, Shah Rukh Khan is often considered one of the world's biggest cinematic stars with a following in billions. 

As a young boy who grew up in an Indian Household with constant exposure to the Bollywood movies, I have seen him grow from strength to strength with each of his performances and the different roles he played. 

There are certain aspects that make this man very unique. His natural charm may be one of them. But more importantly it is 'Love'. Love for work, people and the world around him and that is why the world loves him back. He has retained this quality to love unconditionally even after 75 films and over 20 years in the Indian Film Industry.

Apart from his unique quality to 'Love' unconditionally, a few other reasons Shah Rukh is so successful, loved and respected  around the world are:-

1) He acts from the heart - Shah Rukh brings all his emotions to every performance  and that is why he connects with the audience in such a wonderful way. He is a thorough professional and a very talented actor. You often never think he is acting, when he does so. He is so deeply involved in the character that you actually think he is the character. This happens because he is in absolute love with what he is doing, and it is this love that helps him bring his heart and soul into every performance

2) He brings out work Consistently - Shah Rukh has acted in over 75 films up to now. He started acting in movies from the year 1992 and has brought out at least one movie every year consistently since then. Many of his films like Josh(2000) , One 2 ka 4(2001), Asoka(2001) did not do so well at the box office. But he did not stay down and whine about it. He started work on his next project. It is for this reason that today over 12 of his films have generated revenues of over Rs 100 crores. It is because of this habit to consistently produce work and to allow himself to fail that he has given the world hits like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(1995), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(1998), Chak De!India (2007) and more. He is also very hard working. It is not destiny but his own hard work and effort that has got him to where he is today.

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3) He can laugh at himself - Shah Rukh is very light hearted by nature.  Yes, he is an extremely talented actor with a very focused vision for his craft, but he also has a very jolly, charming side to himself. As an actor, you are very vulnerable on the screen, with a full display of your emotional and physical self in many of your performances. But Shah Rukh is so much in 'Flow' when he does a performance that he is naturally able to bring out the light side of the character out. He

4) He is humble - He loves being around his fans, and is respectful of people both above and below him. Though he has achieved a lot, he does not brag about his success but is focused on creating more work. As he said at the recent IIFA Awards 2013, when he was given the 'The Digital Star' Award, 'I hope this will let me do more quality work for you.'

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I think if there is one word that defines this Indian Superstar, it is 'Love'. You will see this theme repeating in each of his performances and his long career in Bollywood. He loves his work. He loves his family. He loves the people he works with and his fans. He loves you and that is why he makes such an effort to connect with you whether he is playing a character, hosting a show, doing a dance performance or simply meeting you at an event. He truly brings his heart and soul to everything he does, and this is 'Why the World Loves Shah Rukh Khan'.

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