Saturday, October 5, 2013

Festivals, Workshop, Social Media Week and Beethoven's Life Play

It sure has been an exciting two weeks. A few events I was fortunate to be a part of over the past two weeks were:-


1) Jagran Film Festival

A movie festival was on in Mumbai between the 24th September to the 29th September. Saw some great movies like
1) Panther Panchali by Satyajit Ray
2) Bombay Talkies
3) Desperate Endeavours
4) Children's Republic
5) Ship of Theseus

A must attend festival for all movie-lovers -


2) Social Media Week Mumbai

Also got to attend this social media gathering in Mumbai. There were some great sessions at blue Frog in Lower Parel on Social Media and its impact on Politics, Education, Music and more. There was also a screening of a documentary titled 'Books in the Big City' which was about the reading habits and the book culture in Mumbai. Got to have a wonderful discussion with Mrs Sayalee after the screening about the making of the movie.

Also found out about this innovative library system coming up in Bangalore. Residents who have a good collection of books, keep one room of their house for a space called the 'Reading Room'. Then this space is opened up to other residents in the building, who can come and spend some time there, read some books and also have some cookies and coffee along with that. How delightful! This is a very interesting model. It is important residents take up the responsibility to spread the reading habit among their neighbourhood.


Link -


Play on Beethoven's Life

Also got to attend a 2 hour play on the life of Beethoven at the St. Andrews Auditorium in Bandra. It was wonderfully put together. Lessons from the life of Beethoven:-

1) Be persistent

2) Do not let lack of necessary tools, stop you from getting where you want to be and what you want to create. (Beethoven had almost lost his hearing when he created the ninth symphony)
3) Practice hard and believe in yourself no matter what (would practice for hours everyday from a young age)

Listen to the Ninth Symphony here -

Next Performance and ticket details -

Took a flight to Bahrain on the 29th September and got to attend

Tamkeen 2 Day Open Consultation Workshop
(Part of the Education and Training Panel at the workshop)

Development of interpersonal skills, Specialized Workshops, Global exposure for students were some of the main points discussed in the session with other top educationists in Bahrain.


Back in Bahrain now. Looking forward to catching up on some reading and research. Also working on some interesting projects here. Will keep you updated. You can comment on this post with

1) Books you are reading

2) Events you have attended over the past few weeks

Till the next post. Wishing you the very best.


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