Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everyday Champions of Bahrain

When a person truly loves what he is doing and then serves people with his heart and soul doing what he loves, he is a champion everyday champion. Because in his little way he makes the world a better place to be in.

Here is the story of such a champion I met in Bahrain recently

 Richmond - a.k.a HotlineTime

With Hotline at the Virgin Megastore, City Center, Bahrain

Richmond (HotlineTime) is a rapper based in Bahrain. He is considered one of the best rappers in the Gulf region. He is an artist by all true merit. But above all he is such a great human being.

I met Hotline at the Virgin MegaStore in City Center, Bahrain. He is often there speaking to customers and his fans, sharing his story and music with them.

I got to speak to him and was fascinated by his passion for his art. He says that many artists make music, but how many come down and speak to their listeners, telling them what their music is all about. 

The conversation with him went from philosophy, to music, to his everyday conversations with other humans. I write humans because that is Hotline's focus. He makes music with a human touch. He makes music to connect people.

He shared one story with me, about a conversation he had with a lady at the Virgin Store. He asked her what she was passionate about. That may have been the first time somebody asked her that. She replied, 'I was always really good in painting, but I got busy with family and stopped for a while'. Richmond then shared his inspiring story with her and then she said, 'You know what, I am going to buy your CD and after I listen to it, I am going to go and start painting again'.

I then asked Hotline if this happened often and he replied, 'Yes it happens often'. He then shared similar stories and experiences he has had speaking to young people, professionals and housewives and how many of them told him they would start working on their passion after meeting him.

What amazes me about Richmond (Hotline) is that whenever you have a conversation with him, it is not always about the music. It is about the person he is speaking to. He is so involved in the conversation and shows the listener he cares for them more than anything else in the world. 

He is rare artist. He makes music to connect people and help them realize their own potential.

Kevin Kelly talked about the concept of a thousand true fans in his wonderful book.  I surely have become part of your tribe. Part of the tribe that calls itself '1000 True Fans of Hotline'. 

Who knows, I may have just met the next big thing in the Music World. It is good that I bought my CD and got a couple of pictures with Hotline now. Because when he gets big and famous, I can tell the world, we were once friends:)


At the store with Hotline (left). Brought in a family friend and shared Hotline's story with her too. And yes she bought the CD too:)


Biography from the Facebook Page titled 'Hotline'

'Richmond ' Hotline' Shaw is a name once said things begins to happen. The reason that can be said so confidently is because if you are saying it, its quite obvious something from his doing has already happened. Hotline was named #1 Rapper in the gulf by prominent Hip-hop websites and forum throughout the region (Dubai Eye Radio, Hip-Hop Cribs Kuwait, Bahrain This month, and several others) , as well as Hip-Hop's Official Ambassador from several Leading Publications. Having been featured in everything from an Oscar nominated Movie, to commercials to countless other appearances its quite natural to find yourself thinking, and re Thinking, that maybe just maybe you've heard the name somewhere. 

The Fact of the matter is you have! Hotline has been blessed with an uncanny ability for music, with the ability to Write, Produce, Perform, and even sound engineer if need be, when it comes to Music. Hotline Has been Fortunate enough in his career to have Brushed Shoulders with many industry heavy weights to included Grammy award winner T.I , Oscar award winners 3-6 Mafia, Cassidy, Bone crusher, And Most Recently in a Performance with Ms Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s child. Hotline has also been featured on Several Official Movie soundtracks that featured greats such as 2pac, 50 cent, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Fat Joe. 

Hotline Has performed and worked with other international artist, and Has performed in Countries all over the world including, Pakistan, USA, Qatar, Iraq, Germany, Thailand, UAE And Bahrain to name just a few. The #1 Hip Hop Ambassador Hotline is not only great lyrically but also knows how to Perform Moonlighting and Practicing with world Class Hip Hop Dancers, Hotline Has Mastered the art of Poetry in Motion So the Question I ask you is What's next for #1 Stay Tuned.'

To find out more, you can

Meet Hotline at the Virgin Megastore, City Center

Buy his CD at the Virgin MegaStore, City Center
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