Sunday, October 13, 2013

Malala Yousufzai The Girl who Dreamed. The Girl who Dared.

Her Story. Her Struggle. Her Belief for Universal Education.

Malala is a young girl from Pakistan. Like any other student her age, she has dreams and wants to work towards achieving them. She believes Education will help her reach her goal.

A militant group came into her school bus on October 9th, 2012 and shot Malala in the head. She survived and today continues her fight and has started a campaign for Education for Girls in underprivileged countries.

She has now started the 'Malala Fund' that  is raising awareness and funds to start a movement that will work towards providing girls in developing countries equal access to good education. Her father who is an educationist himself was also an inspiration for her.

The mission of the fund as stated on the website is 

'There are 600 million adolescent girls in the developing world. They are an undeniable force for social and economic impact. But only if given the opportunity.

Around the world, girls are denied a formal education because of social, economic, legal and political factors. And in being denied an education, society loses one of its greatest and most powerful resources.  

The Malala Fund aims to change that. Education empowers girls to raise their voices, to unlock their potential, and to demand change. The Malala Fund’s solutions are grounded in inspired innovation: they are girl-centric approaches to education that support the Fund’s goal of creating a world where every girl reaches her true potential.'

Malala is beyond brave. A true youth icon. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. 

The world needs more young leaders like you Malala. Thank you for doing what you do.

You can watch these two videos on her story and journey up to now.

Jon Stewart Interview -
New York Times Video -

Find out more about the Malala Fund and how you can contribute on - 

The book that chronicles her story is out in stores  titled - 'I Am Malala' -

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