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Pico Iyer - Learning Biography

British born essayist and novelist of Indian origin. Author of several books on cross cultural experiences like Video Night in Kathmandu and The Global Soul.

 With Mr Pico Iyer at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2012

Background and Family Learning Environment

His father Raghavan N Iyer was an Oxford philosopher and political theorist. His mother was the religious scholar Nandini Nanak Mehta. They were both academics and would have surely played a pivotal role in shaping Pico Iyer's early learning expriences

Influence from different cultures and Experience of different countries

He is of Indian origin. He had two homes growing up. He would often travel between his parents home in California, USA and his boarding school in England. He is currently based out of Tokyo, Japan. He has traveled to several countries like North Korea, Ester Island, Paraguay and Ethiopia on writing assignments. He has used his travel experiences as content for his books and has published eight works of non-fiction and two works of fiction. Today he is one of the world's most renowned travel writers.

Love for Culture

From an early age, Pico Iyer was always interested in films. While growing up he would often visit a local learning center in California where they would screen all the Oscar nominated foreign films. He would see as many of them as he could. He did this for five years straight whenever there was a screening. He also loved reading and developed an early love for books. 

I started reading the Global Soul recently and found his little observations of similar situations and beliefs represented differently in different countries and cultures quite interesting.

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