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Sean Parker - Learning Biography

He is an Internet Entrepreneur. Founder of Napster and Founding President of social networking site Facebook.

Early Passion for Computers

Faced several hardships at school and also was an asthma patient. This did not put him down. His father a government oceanographer, introduced him to computers. He spent a large amount of time in high school learning coding, hacking and programming techniques on an Atari 800 computer at home.

Loved Reading

He was a voracious reader and kept himself surrounded by books. He would read every book he could get his hand on and he started the habit early.

Learned By Creating Value and Through Entrepreneuship

In his teens he formed a friendship with another boy Shawn Fanning and together they discussed and brought to life Napster. This was a music sharing computer program that could be downloaded from the internet. With a good early round of investment the program was developed and used by millions around the world.

Starting a company so young often takes you through a variety of diverse learning experiences whether you succeed or fail. Sean Parker would have learned a lot with his experience with Napster.

Forged Partnerships and Understood good ideas

Also he found out about a social networking site 'The Facebook' in its early creation stage. He got in touch with the founder Mark Zuckerberg and became the founding president of the company.

Created his own University Learning Course

"I kind of refer to it as Napster University. It was a crash course in intellectual property law, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, and law school."

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