Monday, June 2, 2014

Creative Learning Sources - Video Games, Fantasy, News Events

At a recent social gathering, I got into an interesting conversation with three individuals from three very different backgrounds. We were discussing how individuality was expressed through work and unique learning experiences we were part of in our lives. Some interesting thoughts were put forward in the discussion that I present here.

Learning through Video Games

The first individual shared with me his experience of playing video games growing up. He loved the game called Age of Empires. He shared with us how he learned about nation building ( roman empire ), mythological structures ( Greek, European and Norse) and History (Stone and Iron Age) through the game.

Learning through Fantasy Fiction Series

The next individual told us about his interest in the popular Percy Jackson novel series. This series follows the adventures of a young boy Percy Jackson and his friends, who are sons and daughters of greek gods and godesses. I too was a fan of the series and finished the first five books in under a month. We both agreed on how reading the series helped spark a deep interest in Greek Mythology for both of us. It also gave us an understanding of human behavior through the lives of the characters of the books.

Trending Current News

The last individual put forward her idea of learning from current news events. She conducted an interesting learning exercise with her son. She would tell him to note down four news headlines from the paper or news channel. Then she would tell the child to research or reflect on the topic. Finally they would have a discussion suggesting solutions or opinions on the event. A current political news event (Obama's election campaign in 2008) for instance can give you a lesson in Political Science, Economics, Statistics, Policy Making, History, Culture, Sociology and more.

The conversation struck a deep chord with my personal beliefs on learning from life. There is indeed so much to discover and so much to learn. Life can become our school. Everyone we meet our teacher. Everything around us a learning tool.

Let us learn together
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