Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Film Review - Queen


Ambitious Storyline, Strong Central Character, Beautiful Visuals and music that represents the story and character well. Queen was a surprise. A mainstream delight!

The movie is depiction of a phase in the life of Rani, a girl from Delhi with a traditional Indian upbringing and conservative values. At the end of the movie Rani is transformed completely and she is now a modern, well traveled and self confident young woman. In 2 hours, the movie will take you through all the ups and downs that bring about this transformation in Rani.

Story, Script and Dialogue

It is not easy writing a script for such an ambitious storyline. I was expecting a more fast paced urban script. But the scriptwriters gave the viewer enough space to reflect on the story and connect with the character. There was humor mixed in at the right moments with the dialogue.


Rajkumar Rao played his supporting role well and represented the anxiety and insecurity of his character rather efficiently. Lisa Hayden was excellent in her supporting role as Rani's foreign friend in Paris.

But the most credit must go to Kangana Ranaut. I strongly feel this was the talented actresses most powerful performance after her part in the movie 'Fashion'. She played the role of a traditional conservative girl from Delhi in the first part. Here she was naive, frightened and lost in the world. And then she took us through several emotional, physical and mental upheavals of her character Rani in the second half. This resulted in a more confident, sensitive and self assured character at the end of the movie. It was a complete transformation that was well acted out by Kangana.


Well directed with considerable effort, put with good reason into cinematography, editing, sound and lighting. The website www.BollywoodLife.com commented on the director's effort and the underlying message of the movie as follows, 'Vikas has through this movie tried to pass on a message to all the Indian women. He shows no matter how bad things are for a woman, she can always emerge victorious from the turmoil.'

Sometimes mainstream cinema can surprise you. It gives you hope. Queen is well worth a watch. Maybe two.


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