Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Brainstorming a Dream School

Every second of the day is a learning experience. You are learning throughout the day and not just learning at school or at the office. Every individual you meet is a teacher.

For a long time, education was focused on giving information, curriculum and content to the students. The difference in LifeSchool is that we make the students give the world what they already have. The potential they have within is infinite. We just have to create an environment and give them the tools to light the learning spark in them.

As a famous quote goes, ‘School is not preparation for life, School is life itself.’ Here are a few ideas I noted down in a recent brainstorming sessions about a learning environment I would like to be part of.

Focus on Student's Passion

1)         Life is School
2)         Content is everywhere. Curriculum limits learning
3)         Geographic study of passion in different countries
4)         Superstructure Creation- Study of lives of top 100 people in your field

 Encourage Process and Projects

5)         Becoming a culture fanatic (music, dance, literature, art)
6)         Exponential Model of Learning using technology as a tool
7)         One Topic In depth study
8)         Computer Hacker mindset
9)         Polymathic approach to learning
10)   Passion Project
11)   Internship/Mentorship/Apprenticeships
12)   Personal Story Telling
13)   Current Events Awareness (Magazine exercise, news websites online)
14)   Online Portfolio
15)   Presentation of passion project

Use Places for Learning

1)         City as a School
2)         World Friend Circle
3)         Conference Mania
4)         Travel
5)         Observe

This list may just go on forever…

Let us Learn Together
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