Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Lifeschool? - Research

Research Process for Education Project.

I am passionate about research on education and learning. So last year,  I took up a few research projects related to education recently. I used the internet and other resources available to study the educational models in over 150 different countries. Countries like Finland, Shanghai and Singapore came out on top and I was interested in how they did so.

I also was interested in various alternate models of education, that included homeschooling, Democratic schools, Montessori, unschooling, exchange programs and more. What was education like before the advent of the formal schooling institution? For example how would hunter gatherer cultures educate themselves. Finally I studied how educational psychology and philosophy had evolved over the years.

I was passionate about a field and decided to do a research project on it. It did not need to be acknowledge by an institution. I could share it with the world on a blog.

Learning how to cite articles and give due credit to sources. Learning how to access journals and news medium for information are some other vital skills in the research process.

Education is for all.

In a classroom, there are artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers, doctors and more. So it is not fair that we ask only people in the education industry about what education must actually look like. Everyone one’s opinion matters. It is important we find out how the best chefs, entrepreneurs, engineers and artists educate themselves and include aspects of this in the general education system.

You may question this notion, with the counter argument, that all of this can be done in college. But that premise is based on the assumption that at the end of a child’s education he or she has self-actualized and is sure about their career path. They know if they want to be a chef, artist, entrepreneur or writer. Which is wrong, because exactly the opposite happens in many universities across the world. Students take up courses based on how relevant that particular job is for that time, or take up courses that the majority take.

So with a sheet of paper in front of me, I started writing ideas about a learning environment I would like to be part of. An hour later, I thought to myself, ‘Why didn’t you do this earlier. Such fun ideas!’

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