Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Innovation Wing -The City Montessori School, Lucknow

The City Montessori School in Lucknow is one of the biggest schools in the world, with regards to the number of students enrolled in the institution. It is progressive in its teaching methodology. There was a presentation by a member of the innovation wing of the school at a recent conference I attended.

 Yes, the school has an innovation wing named QAID. Their main responsibilities are the following:-

1.   Maintainence and Housekeeping – Moral Education, Value integration, Values of the month and related activities.
2.  Classroom Observation – they go to classrooms and observe teachers and students interacting and learning in class. They then make recommendations. They also have notebook observations, remedial class observations and send comgratulatory cards, bookmarks to teachers and students on their achievements.
3.  Sharing Best Practices -  They find innovations and best practices by one teacher or student in the school and if it works, share it across the system and try implementing it as such.
4.  Workshops and Training – They also conduct teacher training programs and workshops for teachers to improve teaching practices of teachers.
5.   Conferences and Competitions – Various international conferences , exchange programs and discussions were held at the school.

The innovation wing still thinks within the boundaries of the education system. It is not ready to innovate beyond and learn from practices beyond their system

The City Montessory School educational model is based on three factors which are:-
1.  Material Education
2.  Human Education
3.  Divine Education

The goals of primary education are competence, in basic skills and self confidence in students. The goals of junior education are expression and expanding on the basic skills taught in the primary section. Finally the goals of the senior section are performance in boards and proficiency in English.

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