Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Lifeschool - Learning to Write

 How Writing Helps You Learn about yourselves and the world?

a) Keep a Journal You cannot always type your thoughts on a computer as you cannot carry it wherever you go. That is why keeping a journal or notebook is a useful habit to write down your thoughts, ideas and stories. The most important reason you do this, is because you never know when a good idea comes into your mind. It is good to keep a journal to note it down when it comes up. Evernote does a good too. And...

b) Read More- Write Better – I strongly believe that a person that reads a lot has a big advantage with regards to writing in comparison to person that does not read as much. Raw life experiences are very important, but reading will give you a chance to look at the world through a multitude of different perspectives. If you have a decided a genre you want to write in, read as many books as you in that genre. I read all the books I could get my hands on, before writing in the productivity and lifestyle design genre. But it is also important you expose yourself to other genres that you normally do not read. You do this because sometimes the best writing ideas come about when you connect two very unrelated fields. For example a story with Mythology and Vampire is something interesting and new for the reader.

c)  Take Notes – Use Evernote if you have a smartphone to take down your notes. Otherwise you can use a notebook or type them in the mobile device you have. Whenever a good writing idea comes into your mind, make a note of it, so that you can work on it when you have more time.

d) Start a Blog – This is possibly one of the best way’s to develop your writing skills. You can start a blog in barely five minutes on the Internet. Then write about the field you are interested in. Then set aside some time every week to post on this blog. You can vary your posting schedule according to your individual commitments. But the more you write the better you get.

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