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How to Lifeschool? - News Mediums

Stay Informed with New Mediums

Keeping yourself informed about the world is a useful habit to have. Johnny Carson the famed TV Show host, would get up in the morning and scan the newspapers for content for his talk show. He would circle the things that he could use. For years people, were amazed by how Johnny’s shows were so relevant and up to date to what was happening in their lives. It is a great resource for ideas as well.

Why stay informed?

A development in one field often affects the other. Failure or Success of one trend or industry can have a simultaneous impact on other industries as well.

This also gives you ideas on interesting conversations you can have with friends and family. Because you are up to date with everyday happenings around the world, you can add value to the conversation when somebody brings it up.

Ways you can use news mediums?

1)         Online Papers and MagazineRead the top news websites from around the world to keep you updated about everyday happenings from different places around the world. Read two leading world dailies and then browse through a paper from each continent to keep yourself updated about happenings there. You can also focus on getting information only about your industry from different news mediums. Some recommended online websites are:-
-U.S.A – CNN
-U.K – BBC
-India – NDTV
-China -
-Brazil –

2)         Local Papers – You can get information about local events by reading local newspapers. You can either subscribe to the paper or read your news on their website online. If that is not possible read these papers at your college library, office or friend’s place. For instance you can read the Times of India and the Indian Express if you stay in the city of Mumbai.

3)         Read World Magazines – Lots of magazine have weekly or monthly editions. Some of them are about specific fields or a niche market. Some of them are about civil issues and more general topics. The ones I recommend highly are:-
-Time – Weekly edition with articles about trending issues
-Economist – News about the economic and financial issues of countries
-Caravan Magazine  (India) – Good Journalism
-Harvard Business Review -  Business related
-Forbes – Business related
-Entrepreneur.com – Everything you need about entrepreneurship
-Success.com – Advice from top speaker and achievers around the world.
Timeout.com (local) – Top events happening around your city

Stay updated with ten minutes of news reading everyday by

1)         Read on your phone or while on the go – The smartphone is a very useful learning tool. Download a few news applications and stay updated with latest news happenings from around the world.

2)         Browse through T.V News Channels – If you are the kind that cannot set aside some time to read everyday, just browse through the updates given my news channels around the world early in the evening. They are short top ten lists with the news on events and happenings around the world.

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