Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Lifeschool? - Mentors

Finding Mentors to Guide You

Having a good mentor is a very valuable asset if you want to get places in your particular field. It is even better if this mentor is somebody who has achieved a lot in the field you are passionate about or want to work.

We must remember that mentors will not always come to us, but sometimes we must go to our mentors and show them we are capable of their guidance.

From the second book, ‘101 Habits to Greatness’ a few useful tips to finding a good mentor are:-

a) Find someone that can spare you some time every week. You will have to work according to the mentor’s schedule for this.
b) Make sure the person has achieved or is working towards achieving something similar to your larger goals in life.
c)  Help your mentor grow by sharing with him or her what new things you have learned.
d) Listen and submit to your mentor – Once you have chosen your mentor, listen and reflect on what you mentor has to share with you, before you make any comments on the advice he or she provides.

Reasons you must find a mentor now are:-

a) Correct Mistakes - Life is not long enough to make all the mistakes that somebody else has made in the past several times. You can learn from the mistakes made by others by studying and learning from them.
b)  Right Path – Your mentor based on their evaluation of your situation will lead you down the right path. This will save you years of effort with regard to trying several different paths.

c)  Learning from the Best - Learning from one of the best minds of your field will ensure, you get and connect yourself to the best knowledge, resources and people in your industry.

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