Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reflection - passion to legacy?


Explore how you can add value through -

    1.    Time Alone - We all need some time to figure ourselves out. What have we been through? What were we always interested in? What do we really want to do with our lives?

    2.    Travel - Maybe sitting at home is not a great idea to think about the above questions. So choose a country, pack a bag and get lost.

    3.    Journal-ing - Now things get fun. You are lost. So you can think freely. Some nuggets of wisdom emerge. Record them. Now! they are clues to the treasure map of your life.

    4.    Purpose - Have not figured things out yet? That is alright. Keep Exploring. I am still lost. It was never the destination, the journey was the destination. But you have gotten closer to finding your passion-purpose on this planet. Nobody did this for you. You defined it yourself. You are the superstar of your life. Just keep exploring and adding value to the world, with whatever little you know.

 What if we partially figured things out? What are we waiting for. Let us go make the world Awesome!
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