Sunday, December 14, 2014

Observing - beauty in complexity?

Explore Observing

    1.    Needs - Choose any industry/field you are passionate about. Speak to the people that consume the offerings  (products and services) in the field. Become an expert on this group of people. Understand and analyze their specific needs. They need your help to make their life better. You have the passion. They have a need.

    2.    Problems Study and understand the history of the field you are passionate about, right from the start of time if need be. Study and understand what problem the field you are passionate about is trying to solve. Study and understand how this problem has evolved over time. Now study and understand the solutions offered in the present time. Is it a worthy solution? Can humankind evolve a better solution? Can you help humankind make that happen.

    3.    Patterns - Observe carefully all the inventions, advancements, thinkers, organizations, products and services, people and countries involved in the field you are passionate about? Find patterns that are common in all these instances. You will see trends that are just waiting to be capitalized on. An trend or pattern that needs a human voice to give it life.

    4.    Proven Ideas - Make a list of the top 100 (people/things etc) in any field you are passionate about. Now do an in-depth study of how these 100 things/people came to be where they are. What worked? What did not? What you want to do today, they have done and become really good at in the past. Why repeat the mistakes they made again? Why not learn from all the world class insights and observations, they have picked up along the way?


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