Sunday, December 14, 2014

Creation - wealth before income?

Explore Creating

    1.    Content - You have a story. Your story matters. Tell your story to the world. Write, Speak, Film, Converse. Do everything possible. Create magical records.

    2.    Research - Other stories exist beyond your own. Study about these stories. They may come from a different time, context and perspective. They may enrich your own. 

    3.    Digital Portfolio's - The web has given us a space to store these stories. Websites, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube. Such wonderful story-telling mediums.

    4.    Companies - Create products. Create Services. Create Companies. What if you could use the experience and insights from your personal journey to add value to the world? What if you could be remunerated for it. What skills (design, writing, coding etc) will you need to bring this to life?

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