Sunday, December 14, 2014

Learning - information to wisdom?

 Explore Learning
    1.    Books - Humans have primarily used the written word to keep a record of human thinking and  to tell stories of human ups and downs. Fiction and Non Fiction. History or Physics. There is a book to explain almost anything. If you can read, you can explore.

    2.    Videos - Then came videos and people started filming life. Feature Films, You Tube,  Documentaries. Another medium to explore the wisdom of the ages.

    3.    People - No two people have had similar life experiences. If we listen, every other individual around us has experienced, felt or learned something, that we do not know. What if you shared this information and filled in gaps for each other. You have an idea. The other person has an idea. You share it with each other. Now you both have two ideas.

    4.    Places - The city you stay in can become a learning space. Museums, Events, Meet-Ups, Historical Sights and more. Every city has created its own cultural content. The learning experience you get in Mumbai will be very different from the learning experience you get in Buenos Aires. So much to explore!

Let us Learn Together
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