Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lifeschool - What? Why? How?


What is Lifeschooling?

What if life was school? What if every individual you met could be a teacher? What if everything around could become a learning tool? What if every experience you have been through was a learning experience? What if we could bring all of the above situations to life. 

Then we have a Lifeschool.

Why Lifeschool?

Lifeschooling is an individual's personal initiative to make Learning Beautiful for themselves. It is a journey to start a lifelong adventure, exploring the wisdom of the ages. Every Individual is unique, special and beautiful. Thus every individual life schools in a unique different manner. There is no one path (Paulo Coelho's quote below). Because each one of us, has our own objective and subjective realities. Each one of us is passionate about various different things. We grow up in different environments. We take up different jobs. We come from different cultures. Learning cannot be the same for two people. How do you customize learning to every individual's needs. Nobody else can do this for us. Nobody knows you that well. You have some answers. You know yourself better than anybody else in the world. That is it! Why not start from there?

Let us ask questions. Big Questions. Questions that matter. Questions that do not. Here is one such question:-

How do you Life School? (An Example)

These four ideas were how I brought the idea of life schooling to life!
1) You Learn how to convert information to wisdom
2) You Create wealth before income
3) You Observe beauty in complexity
4) You Reflect about how to make your Passion your Legacy

How do you Learn to convert Information to Wisdom? Here

Let us Learn Together
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