Thursday, February 13, 2020

Learning Dispatch - February 14th, 2020 - Why I love Podcasts?


Why the dispatch? - I want to understand how I can make my learning more social. I love having interesting conversations with friends and colleagues about the new things I learned. So these dispatches are part of an effort to get those conversations started. I decided to send my first dispatch to a bunch of my closest friends, mentors, and colleagues. Basically this periodic mailer/letter/email is just a small update about films, books, articles, music, podcasts I have consumed during the week or month that I want to personally share with you, the reader of this series. If you decide to take up any of these recommendations, that would be awesome. In a small way, I would have made your life a tiny bit better. And that is all I ask in return for writing this dispatch. No commitment! Just learning! All fun :) 

Why am I sending this email to you? Because you matter to me and I know this is something that will add some value to your life based on my conversations with you in the past. 

Why I love podcasts?
I've been a big fan of Podcasts for a very long time. I use public transport a lot and that means I have a lot of free time there. I am unable to read on buses as it gets me sick. So I listen to podcasts. It is also a really fun companion when you go for a walk or do some exercise. Another time I enjoy listening to podcasts is while doing chores. It is fun, flexible and great company. It is hard to not love a good podcast. So podcast away...

My favorite podcasts
Here is a list of my ten favorite podcasts with a one-line review:
  1. Seen and Unseen by Amit Varma - interviews and in-depth analysis on local and global issues from an economic perspective
  2. How I Built This by Guy Raz - the backstory behind every entrepreneurial journey
  3. Cyrus Says by Cyrus Broacha - great interviews with great humor
  4. Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez - all things teaching
  5. Truth for Teachers by Angela Watson - all things for teachers
  6. Longform by Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and Evan Ratliff - the story behind non-fiction stories
  7. Google Talks - 40 minutes talk on cool ideas by cool people
  8. TED Talks - 20 minutes talk on cool ideas by cool people
  9. 1619 by Nikole Hannah-Jones  - understand everything about the legacy of slavery in the United States
  10. The Guardian Long Read - an audio reading of the long-form articles
14th February 2020

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