Friday, April 10, 2020

Learning Dispatch - April 10th, 2020 - Learning through Infographics


Why the dispatch? - I want to understand how I can make my learning more social. I love having interesting conversations with friends and colleagues about the new things I learned. So these dispatches are part of an effort to get those conversations started. I decided to send my first dispatch to a bunch of my closest friends, mentors, and colleagues. Basically this periodic mailer/letter/email is just a small update about films, books, articles, music, podcasts I have consumed during the week or month that I want to personally share with you, the reader of this series. If you decide to take up any of these recommendations, that would be awesome. In a small way, I would have made your life a tiny bit better. And that is all I ask in return for writing this dispatch. No commitment! Just learning! All fun :) 

Why am I sending this email to you? Because you matter to me and I know this is something that will add some value to your life based on my conversations with you in the past. 

List of Infographics

I spent two hours this past week collecting infographics for an online learning program for high school students here in Canada. I wanted to share a list of the best infographics I collected with you. I really do hope you enjoy exploring these links as much as I did:

The 50 biggest video game franchises by total revenue (Link)
Visualizing the History of Pandemics (Link)
Media Consumption in the Age of COVID-19 (Link)
24 Cognitive Biases that are warping your perception of reality (Link)
The Top Ten Airline Routes by Revenue (Link)
The World’s Largest 10 Economies (Link)
Fruits: Where are they in season (Link)
Meet China’s 113 Cities with more than one million people (Link)
The World’s Projected Energy Mix (Link)
The World’s Most Downloadable Apps (Link)
A World of Languages (Link)
100 Most Valuable Brands in the World (Link)
All the world’s carbon emission in one chart (Link)
Ranking the top 100 websites around the world (Link)
Mummy Brown and other Historical Colors (Link)
An Analysis of the Beatles Songs (Link)
50 Years, 50 Toys (Link)
Cheetah: Nature’s Speed Machine (Link)
Creative Routines of Successful People (Link)
How Fast is Usain Bolt? (Link)
What does the world eat? (Link)
World’s Deadliest Animals (Link)
The Charted Cheese Wheel: Different Types of Cheese (Link)
The essential herb and food pairing guide (Link)
The largest vocabulary in hip hop (Link)
The Evolution of the web (Link)
Most Common use of Time, by Age and Sex (Link)
Million Lines of Code (Link)
Wars over Poppy (Link)
Kitchen Cheat Sheet (Link)
How Common is your Birthday (Link)
Why Prolonged Sitting and Standing is Unproductive (Link)
Every Active Satellite orbiting the earth (Link)
Football Clubs of Europe (Link)
Evolution of the Video Game Controller (Link)
The Best Careers for your Personality Type (Link)
History of Life (Link)
Caffeine in Popular Products (Link)
Birds of North America (Link)
The Global Carbon Budget (Link)

10th April 2020

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