Thursday, December 17, 2015

Being a tourist or being a back packer?

We arrive in Kochi and check in to our hotel. It has an exercise room and a terrace swimming pool.  We (Me and my aunt's daughter), explore all the floors and facilities. You know the normal stuff. Check in to a fancy hotel  and quickly explore all the facilities the hotel provides you. Then check all the free stuff you plan to utilize in your room. We open the fridge and it is filled with all the wonderful things in the world. Chocolates, Juice, Drinks are the various choices we have. We read a sheet of paper placed on the fridge and find out that these are not so wonderful anymore. They are paid goodies.

It is quite interesting to get the chance to be a tourist and a back packer on the same journey. When you travel as a backpacker, you are super careful with resources and a little stingy too. As a tourist you don't really care. Backpackers schedule a whole day in one or two places. 
Tourists can see seven to right monuments in one day and still not feel fulfilled. Today, we were tourists. This was my second time in Kochi on this trip. We visit all the monuments churches, streets, museums, stores, cafes in Kochi. Then we visit all the monuments, churches, streets, museums, stores and cafes in Mattancherry closeby. By 4 pm, we are done, we have seen everything in this region. I have no clue how that happened. We even squeezed in an hour for lunch somewhere in between. Before I could take some diary notes on what we did during the day, we were already in the car, headed to our next destination - Allepey.

Mr Mouchad takes us to the beach directly. I love beaches, everything about them. The open seas, the lazy people on spread out mats, the food stalls, the performers, the children running the water. So much life on a beach. This beach was huge. It looked like a good two kilometers on both side, from where I was standing. We had such a long tiring day and all we wanted to do was sit down. So we go near the shore, and settle down there. We splash some water around and eat some beach street food. Then we lose each other. Oh no! This another essential thing that happens often on crowded beaches. You lose each other. Okay what were my aunt and her daughter wearing. 

Shit, I don't remember. Let me call them. Shit! My phone is dead. Oh no, if I don't find them now, I'll be abandoned here forever. I run to where i left them and look around anxiously. Thousands of people around me and i don't know how I will spot them. I hear my name in the air. I think I am hallucinating. What is happening to me? And then somebody taps me on the back, I look around and it is my aunt's daughter. Ah! I've been happier to see another human being. I hug her and we head back to the hotel. Mr Muchad and aunty are already in the car. They did not leave without me.


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